Take Us Along Winner

Ridge Jameson Barker

This week's Take Us Along winner is Ridge Jameson Barker of Celina, Texas. The 2-year-old took Indiana Auto & RV along on a trip to Fort Worth, Texas, with his "Papaw" who lives in Salem, Ind.

The occasion was the youngster's birthday. He is shown on the streets of Fort Worth with a copy of the magazine. Fort Worth is the 16th largest city in the US and the fifth largest in the state of Texas. It was founded in 1849 as an Army outpost, and became a city in 1873. History tells us a treaty between the Republic of Texas and the Indian tribes in the area was signed at Fort Bird, now Arlington, in 1843. Army posts were established after the war with Mexico to protect the settlers, including one at what is now Fort Worth. The fort was abandoned in 1853. The legendary Chisholm Trail came through Fort Worth and hundreds of cattle were driven north, through the city. It became known as "Cowtown." Today the town is still known for its stock yards.