Take Us Along Winner

Lewis Godush

Lewis Godush from Bridgman, Mich., took Michigan Auto and RV along on a trip to St. Maarten and enjoyed Christmas in the Caribbean. He is shown in front of a Christmas tree with a copy of the popular magazine.

St. Maarten is Dutch and shares the 37 square mile island with another country, St. Martin, which is French. St. Maarten makes up the southern part of the island. People are free to cross the border between the two countries whenever they want. Each Nov. 16 the officials from each government meet at the border to reconfirm the pledge that they will help each other when necessary. Godush wrote that their cruise ship docked near the capital of St. Maarten, Philipsburg. They were very pleasantly surprised to see all of the holiday decorations. The French capital is Marigo. The main industry on the island was at one time, salt. Now it is tourism.